offers a great tool for real estate agents that allows them to gather data through neighborhood searching, or circle prospecting. The data available include names, landline phones and mobile numbers. This tool creates a faster and more efficient way for real estate agents to promote Just Listed, Just Sold and Open Houses. For just $38 per month, real estate agents have unlimited access and downloads to all neighborhood data available. Once data has been pulled you can either download through cvs or if real estate agents have the PowerDialer CRM, you can automatically send the data to your account.

MojoSells offers a similar circle prospecting tool, although the data may be similar, the features are quite different. For $60 per month, $10 for access and $40 for data, real estate agents can search and view data. Unfortunately, they cannot download the data that has been pulled. The data may be similar, but cost and availability of data affect the usage of MojoSells circle prospecting tool.